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Hobby is a quest out of your everyday life. The product gives joy and pleasure. As it is a pleasure, we do not get tired of it. Your hobby is a hobby that makes life more relaxing. Life without hobbies is like food without salt. The hobby can add color to our boring lives. In addition, the hobby is also more attractive to the man because it gives motivation. The hobby may not only be of interest but it is also a way for the user to make money. Recreation that could be monetized and transformed into business includes painting, carpentry, baking, web design, dog training, literally anything that adds value to others. Turning the hobby you really enjoy into a lucrative revenue generator can be one of the most exciting, generative, and truly satisfying experiences. The good news is that you can turn your hobby into a profitable business if you are willing to make the transition from an employee to the owner of a company and the CEO to your own life. For most people, hobbies are a way to relax, a simple form of pleasure that creates fun away from the general stress of work and life. Therefore, you should consider the impact monetization of your hobby can have. If you like to bake, for example, it's one thing to make some cakes for friends on a Sunday afternoon. But when you're frantically trying to deliver multiple large orders to meet a range of deadlines, you can soon lose sight of that basic pleasure. Of course, this may not be the case if many entrepreneurs continue to have the same pleasure in their work. done before. But it is certainly something that you should seriously consider before going any further. More here...

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The Different Looks Colored Pencils

Drawing in colored pencil is somewhat deceptive terminology. It is not that simple. Each brand of pencil has its unique look, produces a different effect and requires a different technique. There are many types of colored pencils, each with its own formulation. When deciding which pencil to use, you must decide which look you want your artwork to have and ask yourself which pencil will help create that look. Look at the examples here and on the following pages. Each of these drawings has its own look. Some are bold and bright others are soft and delicate. Throughout this book we will explore four different brands of pencils and many techniques designed to give your artwork the most realism possible. When you look at the samples shown on the next few pages, notice how each has a distinct difference in its look due to the specific brand of pencil used. Before I begin a piece, I analyze the characteristics of it and decide which pencil creates the look I am intending. And although all of...

Drawing a Sphere Stepby Step

I 'sing this step-by-step example, practice drawing the sphere. I have used the Verithin pencils for this exercise. After drawing the sphere, practice drawing the egg also. Apply the five elements of shading as well. The more of this you do now, the better your drawings will be later.

Basic Shapes for Drawing Birds

As you analyze these shapes, try to think of where each of them would be found in the shape of a bird and its surroundings. Think of other subject matter as well, and you will see the importance of including these forms in your artwork. These two photographs clearly illustrate how the egg shape is seen within the body structure of a bird. The rhea and the r amingo have similar body shapes and necks. Even the shadow under the emu is egg shaped. It is important to identify these basic shapes early, before you begin your drawing.

Drawing a White Hawk Stepby Step

We will be using the photo and graphed drawing of the white hawk from page 32. As I mentioned before, you cannot graph your drawing on the suede board or velour paper. Those surfaces texture, cannot be easily erased. Remember though, light highlights can be lifted with a kneaded eraser. For this project we will be using White suede board. your own carbon paper. Take your graphed drawing, and tape it drawing side down on a lightbox, sunlit window or television screen. You should now be able to see your drawing shining through. With a dull no. 2 pencil, trace your drawing with dark, bold lines. Be sure to draw everything. When you are finished, flip the drawing over and gently position it over your suede board. Do not move it around very much, as this will cause the graphite to smudge all over your

Suede Board Velour Paper Compared

Extremes, such as burnishing or using white on dark paper, do not work very well with these papers. Burnishing will destroy the surface of the paper if done over large areas. Also, white does not cover dark paper well. It has a tendency to become flaky looking. If there is a lot of white in your drawing, start with a white paper and let the color come through instead of adding it.

Drawing a Red Tailed Hawk Stepby Step

With the same black pencil, I then began to add some of the dark shadow-areas around the eye, under the beak and to the body of the bird. When your drawing looks like mine, you can proceed to the next step. 4 With Dark Brown, go over the Terra Cotta. Continue building the shapes of the feathers. Can you see how dimensional it is now beginning to look Also, can you see how the three colors we layered can all still be seen Keep adding the Dark Brown until your drawing looks like mine. With more Terra Cotta, add the patterns on the chest.

Beaks Feet Feathers

Before we begin the detailed drawings of entire birds, we need to understand some of the important features. When drawing a particular species, it is essential to capture the specific details of that particular bird. Each species has unique characteristics seen only with them, and capturing that type of detail will make your artwork look more authentic.

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