Questions To Ask Before Medicating Your Bird

• If the bird is to receive tfie medicine twice a day, do you need to wait twelve hours between doses?

• Is the medicine more effective if the bird has an empty stomach, a full stomach or can the medicine be given regardless of when the bird has last eaten?

• Does the medication need to be refrigerated?

• If the medicine is to be injected, do you have the right number of syringes? How does the veterinary hospital want you to dispose of these syringes after you've used them? Can the staff mark the syringes for you so you can easily determine the correct dosage for your pet?

Injectable Medication

Some avian veterinarians consider this the most effective method of medicating birds. Injection sites are into a vein, beneath the skin or into a muscle. Bird owners are usually asked to inject their birds intramuscularly, i.e., into the bird's chest muscle. This is the area of the bird's body that has the greatest muscle 64 mass, and it is therefore a good injection site.

With proper instructions from a veterinarian, birrl owners can learn to safely and confidently administer their jiet's medication.

Pet owners must be thoroughly instructed by a veterinarian on the technique of giving injections before proceeding with medicating their birds at home. Owners may be uncomfortable at first, but will soon find that giving injections is very easy and much less stressful on the bird than giving oral medications.

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