Reducing Your Pet's Stress

Birds like routine—try to feed, play with and put your bird to sleef) close to the same time every day.

Find an Avian Veterinarian

Next, establish a good working relationship with a qualified avian veterinarian before you bring your bird home (preferably on your way home from the pet store or breeder). Don't wait for an emergency to locate a veterinarian.

Once you've found an excellent avian veterinarian, take your pet to the office for regular checkups, as well as when you notice a change in her routine. Illnesses in birds are sometimes difficult to detect before it's too late to save the bird, so preventive care helps head off serious problems before they develop.

Keep a Routine

Your bird will be less stressed if she can follow a routine. Make sure that she's fed at about the same time each day, her playtime out of her cage occurs regularly and that her bedtime is well established. 95

^ Don't Forget About Bird-Proofing

Preventive To ensure your bird's safety, clip her wings regularly.

Bird-proof your home and practice bird safety by closing windows and doors securely before you let your bird out of her cage, keeping your bird indoors when she isn't caged and ensuring that your pet doesn't chew on anything harmful (from houseplants to leaded glass windows or lampshades to power cords) or become poisoned by toxic fumes from overheated nonstick cookware, cleaning products and other household products.

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