Home Care for Recuperating Birds

With proper instructions from a veterinarian, birrl owners can learn to safely and confidently administer their jiet's medication.

Effective restraint is the key to injecting your pet bird safely. Have someone towel your bird and hold him so that you can administer the injection. Insert the syringe at about a 45° angle under the bird's chest feathers and into the muscle beneath.

To prevent overinjecting one spot on your bird's chest, think of the chest muscle as the face of a clock and rotate injections around the clock. Start at twelve o'clock, then give the next injection at one o'clock and so on. While you're giving the injections to your pet, remain calm and talk to your bird in a soothing voice.

Topical Medication

Topical medications are applied directly to part of a bird's body, such as his eyes, his feet or legs, or into his nares. Have your veterinarian describe the amount of medicine you should apply, how frequently, and when you should expect to see improvement in your bird's condition. 65

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