Harmful Plants

Having your home fumigated for termites or other pests poses a potentially hazardous situation to your pet. Ask your exterminator for information about the types of chemicals that will be used in your home, and inquire if pet-safe formulas, such as electrical currents or liquid nitrogen, are available. If your house must be treated chemically, arrange to board your bird at your avian veterinarian's office or with a friend before, during and after the fumigation to ensure that no harm comes to your pet. Make sure your house is aired out completely before bringing your bird home, too.

Amaryllis Apple (seeds) Apricot (pits) Avocado Azalea

Beans (all types if uncooked) Bulb flowers Chrysanthemum

Daffodil Dieffenbachia Holly Hydrangea Iris (blue flag) Ivy

Lily of the valley Oleander Peach (pits) Philodendron Poinsettia Potato Rhododendron Rhubarb Wisteria

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