Focus on Prevention

The old adage, "An ounce of prevention is worth a

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steps to safeguard pound of cure," certainly holds true for avian medi-your bird's health cine. Many serious illnesses can be prevented when "bird fminn'Jding owners fee(' their pet birds balanced diets, keep their first aid. pets' cages scrupulously clean and take their birds to an avian veterinarian for regular examinations.

Your avian veterinarian can be a valuable ally when it comes to keeping your pet bird healthy. He or she can answer questions about avian nutrition and health, and he or she can also help you better understand your bird's behavior. Your avian veterinarian can help you groom your bird's wings and nails to protect him from injury or escape, and your avian veterinarian's office may even provide a home away from home for your pet bird while you are 68 on vacation.

Select your avian veterinarian before you even bring 3

your bird home and start forming an alliance with the nome cjtre for doctor to ensure your bird's good health as soon as Recuperating possible—ideally on your way home from the breeder Birtls or pet store with your new feathered friend.

In some cases, avian emergencies can be eliminated or seriously reduced by using some caution and common sense. For example, if you put your bird back in his cage before you start to prepare supper, your pet can't fall in the soup pot and be burned, and he can't nibble on the chocolate cake you made for dessert, which may poison him. If you don't allow your bird out of his cage when your Labrador Retriever is in the house, your dog can't step on your pet bird and injure him. If you make arrangements to board your bird while your home is being fumigated, he won't be overcome by fumes from the chemicals used to kill the termites.


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