AtHome Care Tips

When your pet bird is recuperating from a serious illness or injury, the following dps can help you better cope with the recovery period.

First, be patient with your pet. He may be clumsy because of bandages or splints, or he may need more attention from you because he doesn't feel well. He may require hand-feeding or some other type of special diet during his recovery, or he may need to be medicated several times a day. If possible, have all members of your family get involved in caring for your recuperating pet—your family's relationship with your pet will benefit from everyone's involvement, and one person won't become worn out or overly stressed because he or she had to perform all the nursing care.

You should also expect to have a change in your routine while your bird is recovering. You may find yourself losing sleep because you're sitting up with your pet, or you may have to alter some of your social calendar to accommodate medication times. You may also want to come home for lunch to check on your pet, or you may need to arrange to work from home for a few days when your bird first comes home from your avian veterinarian's office. Discuss any potential schedule changes with your avian veterinarian before you bring your bird home from the clinic to ensure that your bird's needs will be met during his recovery.

Next, keep your avian veterinarian's number handy, and don't be afraid to use it. Your avian veterinarian 67

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