A warbler of shrubby growth and steppe, this bird feeds on and berries. It can be seen and identified easily when singing - with its white throat pulled out conspicuously - or when performing its dancing songfliglu.

• NEST A lined cup nest, made of grass and hidden in a bush.

• Distribution Breeds in

Europe and also N. Africa, Middle East, and parts of C. Asia. Winters in India and tropical Africa.


Plumage Scxes tJifTer s|¡Rht|y

Habitat jf

Migration Mjgrant

Family gy,

Species Syhia rueppelli

black head and

11 tinting insects in thick scrub, often on rocky slopes, this bird is hard to see. It is more often detected by its short, musical song, broken with buzzing, rattling notes.

• NEST A cup nest of grass and stalks, in a bush.

• Distribution breeds from Greece to S. Israel.

Winters in N.E. Africa. heavy, solid

Plumage Sexes c||fïcr

Migration Migram

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