Whiteheaded Dijck

A diving duck of freshwater habitats, upper estuaries, and lakes where fresh and salt water mix, this is one of the "stiff-tailed" species. The tail normally trails on or below the surface but is held up vertically in display. The White-headed Duck prefers open, shallow waters w ith a fringe of reeds. It feeds on waterplants and aquatic animals and rarely goes ashore, walking clumsily when it does so.

• NliST A hole in a tree or a hollow in the ground.

• DlSTRIBlJTION Breeds in scattered areas from S. Spain to Middle East and C. Asia. Eastern populations migrate as far south as N.W. India. , imstribl tion tail lying in • the water blue bill with a swollen base

Plumage StNCS (|¡ffcr


Migration parli.,| miKr;lnt

Female distribition disk-shaped lohe for display

tail lying in the water

Plumage Sexes differ

Migration Non.miRrant


tail lying in the water


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