White Woodpecker

I lie vividly pied plumage of this species, combined with the fact that it is often seen in open country, make the bird very conspicuous. The male bird (not illustrated) has yellow patches on the nape and belly. Habitats range from semi-open forest and forest edges to open grassland with trees, l-'ora woodpecker, this species has unusually direct, strong (light (seep. 16). When crossing open country, it tends to pause and rest periodically in the tops of dead trees. White Woodpeckers usually occur in small parties, but it is not known whether these are families. The birds are often seen climbing up trees, tapping and searching for insects, but their main food is fruit, and the species has become a pest at orange groves. White Woodpeckers also eat seeds such as grain. Captive specimens show a fondness for honey, which suggests that wild birds may take nectar from flowers.

• DlSTRIBlITION E. South America from Surinam south through Brazil to N. Argentina.

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