ruffled appearance due to wet feathers distribution red streaks on underside

Plumage S(.xcs differ tí

Migration |>.irti.,| misant htack cheek

black throat

Central America as far south as

Family pAR„UDAK

Species Dfudroira townsendi

htack cheek

Towns end's Warbler black throat

A bird of coniferous forests. Townsend's Warbler is usually found high in the trees, where it forages actively for small insects. The male's black throat contrasts noticeably with the streaked, yellow throat of the female.

• NEST A cup nest of fine vegetation, lined with liner plant material, high in a conifer.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in W. Canada and W' USA Winters

Central America as far south as distribution Female Costa Rica.

Species l)e,¡droica fusca

Length 5 in(i3cm)

Blackburnian Warbler

This bird is usually seen in the treetops, where it feeds on insects. Breeding habitats range from spruce and fir forests to oak woodland. The wintering habitat is tropical forest. • nest a cup nest of twigs and grasses in a conifer.

• Distribution

Breeds in C. and S.E. Canada and E. USA. Winters from Costa r^3-- Rica as far south as Peru, and in the

West Indies. FEMALE

white wing, patch I

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