Topknot Pigeon

A large, gray, long-tailed pigeon, this tree-dwelling species has a swept-hack. double crest that runs from forehead to nape. It is a sociable and nomadic bird that roams the treetops of rain forests in (locks, feeding on a wide variety of fruit. The short legs and strong feet are typical of a fruit-pigeon and enable the birds to cling acrobatically to the twigs when feeding, often hanging upside down w ith flappin wings to keep in place. Topknot Pigeons rarely come down to the ground even to drink, normally obtaining water from tree hollows or wet leaves or by hanging from a low twig over a stream or freshwater pool.

• NEST A flat platform made of twigs, and usually placed high in a tree.

• Distribution e. Australia.

long wings hlue-gray plumage short legs unci strong feet of a tree-living fruit-pigeon

Migration Nomadic

Species Hcntiphaga novaeseebtndiae

• dark plumage with a (lull, green gloss

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