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A slenderly built bird with long legs, Temminek's Courser inhabits dry, open country. Here it travels in rapid sprints or stands upright and on the alert, showing a chestnut-and-blaek pattern on the belly. In flight, it can be recognized by its quick, jerky wingbcats. This species favors habitats with plenty of bare ground, across which it can run easily. It is normally found in short grassland and scrub and has a preference for areas that have been burned in bush and grass fires. Temminek's Coursers feed by catching insects and other invertebrates on the ground with their thin, curved bills, sometimes also taking seeds. Breeding in scattered pairs on open stretches of ground, they feed the nestlings in the first few days. The young then begin to learn to find their food, though parents often continue partially feeding them until they fly.

• NEST Simply bare ground or, in places where sand or soil is soft, a shallow hollow scraped with the feet and shaped by body pressure

• DISTRIBUTION Open areas of Africa south of the Sahara.

• REMARK A number of shorebirds, including all coursers, pratincoles, thick-knees, oystercatchers, woodcocks, and snipes, feed their young for the first few days. Most other shorebirds do not feed their young - nestlings run and feed themselves within hours of hatching.

long, fast-running legs

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