Superb Fruit Dove

The vivid plumage of this species provides surprisingly good camouflage among the fruit and foliage of sun-dappled forests. It feeds in forest trees that produce small, oil-rich fruits. Birds live in pairs or alone, although large groups sometimes gather temporarily at a plentiful food source.

NEST A platform of twigs, in a tree or vine tangle. • DISTRIBUTION Australasian region from i>istribitk>n

Sulawesi through New Guinea to the Solomon

• green back with dark spots while belly and undertail coverts

Plumage Scxcs diffcr

Migration partja| m¡Krant


Species [)ucu/a pacific,

• fleshy wattle on the bill


Pacific-Imperial Pigeon

I his is a large and subtly colored fruit dove that inhabits small, wooded islands and atolls. Flocks wander between islands in search of fruit. They are capable of long sea crossings. The Pacific-Imperial Pigeon is an agile bird, clambering, hanging, and reaching for food among the higher foliage, taking fruit and berries. The call is a single growling note from high in the tree canopy

• NEST a platform made of bare twigs and placed high up in a large tree.

• Distribution islands from N.E. New Guinea through Tonga, Fiji, and New Caledonia to islands of S.W. Pacific.

• fleshy wattle on the bill long wings for distance flight .


Family COLI \

Species [jfpholfiimus antarcticus

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