Spotted Laughing Thrush

I his large babbler of mountain woodlands and scrub is easy to sec, less on account of its speckled plumage than because of its bold and inquisitive behavior. It moves around in parties and joins large, mixed-species bird flocks, often calling noisily. These flocks work their way through the bushes anil hop around on the ground in search of insects, seeds, and fruit. I.ike other laughing thrushes, this species is equipped with powerful legs and large feet, adapted for hopping on the ground, as well as perching

• NliST A large, loose cup nest made of twigs and dry leaves, including bamboo leaves, lined with rootlets, suspended within a twig fork in a bush or tree.

• DISTRIBUTION F-. Himalayas, K. Tibet, N. Burma, S. and VV. China.

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