With thick, white plumage that extends to the toes, the Snowy Owl is insulated from cold and camouflaged against snow. I .iving and nesting on Arctic tundra, it hunts by day as well as night. It feeds on lemmings for most of the time, occasionally taking larger prey such as hares, gulls, and ducks. The usual call is a single hoot, while barking, cackling calls are used at the nest site.

• NliST A shallow hollow in the ground, on a slightly raised site in open tundra.

• DISTKIIU ITION Breeds in N. North America, Greenland, and N. Eurasia. Migrates beyond southern limits of this range in years of food shortage.

insulating plumage covers • nostrils

nisTKim i'ion insulating plumage covers • nostrils

nisTKim i'ion


Species ,1,7m a/uco

Length is in (38 cm)

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