Scaled Ground Roller

With a heavy head and a stotit bill, this is a quiet, secretive bird of the shady rain forest floor, preferring darker and more heavily vegetated areas. The scaly pattern on its plumage provides camouflage against leaf litter. In spite of having long legs, usually associated with rapid movement on the ground, this is a sluggish bird. It takes a few steps or makes a short run before pausing and remaining still. Prey items include earthworms, insects, spiders, and snails. The short, rounded wings are used only for brief flights to low perches, with rapid, whirring wingbeats. • NliST A cavity lined with dead leaves at the end of a burrow up to 3'/< ft (1 m) long in the ground or in a low bank.

• Distribution

N.E. Madagascar.

long legs of a ground feeder

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