numbered band indicates that this captive bird is aviary -bred - nut caught in the wild

• slender bill upright • posture spotted breast and belly

Song Thrush

With its boldly spotted underside arid upright stance, the Song Thrush is a familiar bird in well planted parks and gardens throughout northwest Kurope. In the rest of its range, it is purely a woodland bird. It feeds on invertebrates, commonly snails. To eat these. Song Thrushes are seen making regular visits to a chosen stone used as an "anvil" for breaking the shells open. Berries are another important food.

• NKST A cup made of plant material, lined with a smooth cup of mud, wood pulp, or clay, in a tree or bush.

• Distribution

Kurope, N. Africa, Middle Kast, and (!. Asia. Introduced in Australia and New Zealand.

Plumage Sexcs a|ikc

Habitat fff

Migration |>artia, migram

Species Xurdus visck orus

upright, self-assertive stance

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