Rufesgent Tiger Heron

I he strongly streaked, black-and-yellow plumage of juveniles as well as the markings of the adults, give the tiger-herons their name. This shy heron is found in extensive tropical rain forest. It occurs beside slow-moving, marshy waters or lowland rivers, and also in swamps and mangroves. Rufescent Tiger-I lerons hunt alone and mainly at night, prowling slowly or waiting motionless to catch shrimp and insects. When disturbed, birds usually freeze motionless to escape detection, but if forced to break cover, they take refuge in the trees.

» NEST "Vyjj-^ A frail platform of twigs and plant stems, usually built high in a tree.

• Distribution

From F^. Honduras to Paraguay and DISTRIBUTION n. Argentina.

Iuvenile long, green legs camouflage plumage

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