Plumage Scxcs ahkc m

Migration Non-migrant

Family p,

Species Neodreftanis coruscans

Ki;mai.b distribl 1tion


Found in dense rain forest, this decorative species feeds at all levels from eye wattle •

ground to canopy, taking insects and probing flowers, possibly for nectar. It can adapt to secondary forest (regrown after rain forest clearance). This quiet, rather sluggish bird is usually solitary, or lives in small family groups. After breeding, males molt to resemble the females.

• NEST a spherical nest covered with moss and lined with leaves, generally suspended from the end of a branch.

• Distribution e. Madagascar.


Species \/e„„ra novaehoHandiae

Superb Lyrebird tail arched over body in display

Superb Lyrebird

Resembling a pheasant both in size anil life-style, the Superb Lyrebird is a ground-dwelling specics living in moist eucalyptus forests. It scratches the ground with its long, strong legs to reveal insects and other invertebrates. The male develops a unique, lyre-shaped tail that features in courtship dances performed on a special display mound, which he scrapes together out of damp soil. The dancing male vibrates his spread tail above his back; the display also includes a highly-developed song, with elements of astonishingly clever mimicry.

• NEST A large, domed nest with a side entrance, made of sticks, bark, fern fronds, and moss, and lined with rootlets. The nest may be located on the ground or on a stump, tree fern, or rock.

• DISTRIBUTION S.E. Australia.

• Remarks The lyre-shaped tail of the adult male accounts for the 4 in (10 cm) length difference between the sexes. female tail arched over body in display


Plumage Scxcs d|ffcr

Habitat fff

Migration Non.migram


Species \tnchon,¡s damosus

Length 8 ¡n (20 cm)

brown plumage for camouflage against • bare ground short, weak wings



Noisy Scrub-bird l itis shy, secretive, and almost flightless bird lives in eucalyptus scrub. It seeks its food among dead leaves and ground litter, taking mainly small invertebrates and occasionally small lizards and frogs. Males sing loudly to proclaim their territories. strong

• NEST a domed nest in legs thick vegetation, placed a little above the ground.

• Distribution s.w. Australia.

• REMARK Endangered species.


Species Eremoptryx verticalis

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