Plumage ^ L1|ikc

Migration N(m.misrJnI

crest pushed up by the wind (normally lies flat)

• dark band through the eye and down to the nape long claws for holding fish

Family pAND|0NIDAK

Species pant/ion Ha/iaerus l20 in (50 cm)/23 in (58 cm)


Often soaring over lakes, rivers, and coasts, the Osprev is a fish hawk, swooping down to take its prey from the water. It plunge-dives with feet first and wings raised, often submerging itself almost completely, to reappear with a fish and continue with its flight. The prey is usually carried head forward, held in both feet, to be eaten on a tree branch or on the nest.

• NEST A mass of sticks placed on a tree, a seashore, a crag, or an artificial nest platform.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in North America, Eurasia. Africa, and Australia. Winters in South America, Africa, and Asia.

• REMARK Females are larger than males.

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