Red Junglefowl

Small, shy groups of this species live at the edge of rain forest and secondary growth (regrown after forest clearance), scratching for invertebrates and plant material. They can be detected by the crowing of the males.

• NEST A hollow formed by body pressure, lined with dry grass and bamboo leaves, and hidden in dense undergrowth.

• DISTRIBUTION From the E. Himalayas through S. China

¿gSy to the Malay Peninsula, Indonesia, and Tr^^b^^^t c'lc Philippines.

Female farm cockerel mate closely resembles its domesticated relative, the


Species Lophophorus impejanus L 26 in (65 cm)/22 in (55 cm)

Plumage Sexcs c|iffcr

Habitat Qff ^

Migration \'on.misrant

Family PhasiaNIDAE

Species Gallus gallos

Migration Non.migram

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