Species Ciymnorhine/ tibicen

Length 16 in (40 cm)

white nape • patch

1 he chorus of musical call notes uttered by a perched group of males of this species is a familiar sound throughout much of Australia. The species is most common in farmland with scattered trees, and in open woodland. The hirds feed in groups on the ground, digging out insect larvae and other invertebrates with their powerful bills. Kach group has a complex social structure, in which all the females mate with a single, dominant male and then nest separately. Younger males in the group may mate with the females if they get the opportunity, but unlike the dominant male they take-no part in feeding the young. Kach group defends its breeding territory against neighboring groups.

• NliST A shallow bowl, lined and placed in a tree.

• DlSTRIBl ITION S.C. New Guinea and throughout

Australia; introduced in Fiji and New Zealand.

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