Philippine Eagle

One of the largest of the world's birds of prey, this rain forest eagle has the typical shape of a forest-dwelling raptor. The wings are large with broad, rounded tips, and the tail is long. This combination provides speed and agility when the bird maneuvers among the branches. At times the eagle is seen soaring over the forest, but it hunts mainly in the trees, moving from branch to branch anil pausing to watch for prey. It takes forest animals such as monkeys, flying lemurs, and large birds up to hornbill size and is sometimes known as the Monkey-eating Kagle. The Philippine Eagle utters long, drawn-out whistles that seem weak for such a powerful bird. A single egg is laid, and the species probably nests only every second year.

• nest a bulky structure of sticks and twigs, lined and placed in the fork of a large branch in a tree rising above the surrounding rain forest.

• DISTRIBUTION Philippine Islands.

• RUMAHKS Females are slightly larger than males. This species is rare and threatened, chiefly because of the felling of rain forests.

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Species \qujla chrysaetos l30 in (75 cm)/35 in (90 cm)


Golden Eagle

Adapted for hunting in open landscapes at high altitudes, this eagle is a strong and skillful llier. often seeming to plunge and dive in turbulent winds for sheer pleasure. Its typical hunting method is to fly fast and low, closing in on prey with a slanting dive. The eagle grips its prey with outstretched feet. Mammals such as hares arc the main prey, but grouse and many birds, as well as carrion in winter, arc also taken. The Golden Kagle is usually silent, but occasionally utters a yelping call.

• NEST A large nest made of sticks, lined with finer materials, and placed on a cliff or in a tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds ill much of North America, Eurasia, N. Africa, and the Middle East. Populations in N.. C., and E. Eurasia migrate, wintering as far south as the I limalayas and China.

Remark Females are larger than the males.

golden-bronze tint

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Migration |»arliil| migrant


Species Hierttttetus morphnoides

• lowered crest feathers dark face

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