Papuan Lorikeet

Living in tropical forests on mountainsides, this colorful parrot feeds in the trees on the flowers of epiphytes (independent plants that grow on the branches). It drinks the nectar and also eats pollen and the blossoms of the epiphytes, as well as taking berries and seeds. Its long, curving tail is an encumbrance as it hops jerkily through the twigs. Papuan Lorikeets occur in pairs or small parties and are seen in the upper branches of the forest. Their flight is direct hut not fast, with the tail trailing behind. Birds fly among the branches, rather than over the top of the canopy. Their calls are soft and subdued.

• Distribution Mountains of New Guinea.

• Remark There is also a black phase (see[>. 1.1) of this species, in which much of the red is replaced by black. /--------

red underside

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