Pa le C h antingGosh aw k

I his is a large hawk with long wings and tail, inhabiting open landscapes such as arid thornbush and semidesert. It watches from a perch and swoops in rapid flight to take a small animal such as a lizard, bird, or mammal, or sometimes even a large insect. The bird follows through with its flight, eventually landing on a new perch or circling back to where it began. Adults generally live in pairs, and each pair occupies its own territory. Pale Chanting-Cioshawks roost in trees by night, and rest in shady foliage during midday heat. • NEST A platform of sticks with a central hollow which is lined with hair, dung, grass, and skin, placed in the fork of a thorn tree just below the canopy.

• Distribution

Africa south of the Sahara. REMARK Females arc larger than males.

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