Of The World

Colin Harrison and Alan Greensmith

Mark Robbins

Editorial Consultant

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Nute on Classification The arrangement of bird families in this book is based on the recently published work of Richard I loward and Michael Moore. For the names of genera and species, the authors have drawn on the work of Charles G. Sibley and Burt Monroe.

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First American Edition, 1993 Reprinted in 2000 24681097531

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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data I Iarrison, Colin James Oliver Birds of the world / by Colin Harrison and Alan Greensmith. - 1st American cd. p. cm. - (Eyewitness handbooks) Includes index. ISBN 1-56458-296-5.-ISBN 1-56458-295-7 (flcxibinding) 1. Birds. 2. Birds - Identification. I. Greensmith, Alan. II. Title. Ill Series. QL673.H2895 1993 598-dc20 93-7065

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