Northern Scrub Robin

A slender robin that lives on the rain forest floor, this is an intensely shy and inconspicuous species, often difficult to see in its dark environment. It moves with springy hops and uptilted tail in search of insects. Its call is a loud, shrill whistle, which it will utter in reply if imitated.

• NEST A circular depression scratched in the ground, roughly lined with wiry tendrils of plants, fibers, and leaves.

• Distribution

New Guinea and

Australia (N.E. Queensland). often tilted up long legs for groundfeeding

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Habital fff

Migration Non-mjRram


Species ritbacus rubecula

uistriiution alert posture

European Robin

Both male and female robins defend territories, display their red breasts, and sing from prominent pcrchcs all through winter. Robins are tame in western Europe but in the east they are shy, woodland birds. The diet consists of worms and insects, taken mainly from the ground.

• NEST a bulky nest of moss and leaves, lined with hair, in a crevice.

• Distribution Eurasia to w. Siberia N. Africa, and the Middle East. Eastern populations migrate south in winter.

alert posture uistriiution streamlined wings

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