Namaqua Dove

A tiny, ground-feeding dove with a long, tapering tail, this hird is similar in size, shape, and life-style to the Budgerigar (seep.177). Only the male has a black face mask and bright bill. Both sexes have chestnut-orange on the wing black face feathers, revealed in flight. Namaqua Doves fly rapidly, with and throat quick, irregular wingbeats. They occur in dry, open country, scrub, and farmland, and are seen singly, in pairs, or glossy dark 'n Part'es- They feed on the ground, taking wing spots small seeds. In more arid regions, they travel about nomadically, soon colonizing places where food and water have become available. NliST A small, flimsy, saucer-shaped nest fashioned of rootlets, fine twigs, and grass stems, situated in a low bush.

Distribution Africa south of the Sahara, and parts of the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula.


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