Meadow Pipit

A streaked, brown bird of grassland and moors, the Meadow Pipit has a weak, jerky flight and squeaky calls. It runs and walks on open ground, taking insects, worms, and seeds. It performs a songflight with a parachuting fall.

• NKST A cup nest made of grass stems and blades, lined anil tucked into a hollow in the ground.

• Distribution l-'rom Greenland to C. Asia. Some birds migrate to N. Africa.

• streaked plumage

• streaked plumage


Plumage Scxcs al¡kc

Migration partia| mjgram

Family Cami>ki>maGII)AK

Species Imlage sueurii

White-winged Triller

Normally an inconspicuous brown bird with streaky wings, this species gets its name from the male's dashing, pied breeding plumage and loud, trilling song. Pairs often nest close to one another in semi-colonial arrangement. White-winged Trillers feed on insects, taken either from foliage or while walking on the ground.

• Nest a shallow, saucer-shaped nest made of roots and grass, bound to a tree fork with spiderwebs.

• Distribution Australia. Winters in N. Australia, New Guinea, and the island of Timor in Indonesia.

Plumage Scxcs diffcr tí

Migration Migram


Species Ptrjeroeotus ftammeus

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