Magpie Shrike

long tail impresses females, as welt as warning other males to stay off the territory faml|y Laniidaf.

Species pñonops plumatus

Length Hjn (20 cm)

White Helmet Shrike l nlike many shrikes, this species is exceptionally gregarious at all times, forming groups of up to 20 birds, usually consisting of siblings from several broods. It forages at all levels, from the forest canopy to the ground, taking insects anil spiders. Groups roost together on branches in huddled rows.

• NliST A compact cup nest made of bark shreds, bound on the outside with spiderswebs, anil placed in a tree fork.

• DISTRIBUTION ['arts of Africa south of the Sahara.

crest • projects over bill crest • projects over bill

• yellow wattle around the eye

distribution distribution

rounded wings

rounded wings

Plumage Sexes alike

Habitat fff

Migration Non-migrant

fami|i' Laniidak

Species Jcbagra senega/a

Length ay, in (22 cm)

rufous plumage on back and wings

Like most shrikes, this bird is usually solitary or seen in pairs. It forages for invertebrates and other small animals on or near the ground, and flies low between bushes in fluttering flight. In its display flight it rises from a bush, calling, then glides down.

• NliST A shallow cup nest of fine twigs and roots, lined with finer rootlets, in a bush.

• DISTRIBUTION NAV. Africa; parts of Africa south of the Sahara; S.W. Arabian Peninsula. distribution rufous plumage on back and wings

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