Plumage Scxes (|itTcr s|jght|y

Migration Non.n,ignlnI

Family AnATIDAF.

Species Anseranser

Eastern Form

Greylag Goose

Western Form

"ribbed" neck feathers

I his goose is seen swimming on rivers, lakes, and marshes and walking or running in grassland and pasture. It is strongly built and has a short, stout bill that can demolish leaves and stems and dig up roots for food. Its flight is strong and direct, showing conspicuous, blue-gray wing coverts, and birds often travel in V formation. The Greylag is an alert, suspicious goose, raising the alarm at the slightest disturbance with loud, harsh calls.

• NEST A shallow, natural depression in the ground, lined with leaves and an inner cup of feather down.

• DISTRIBUTION Across Eurasia apart from N. Russia and N. Siberia. Winters as far south as N. Africa, Iran, India, and China.

• REMARK Farm geese (often white) are the domesticated form of the

Greylag Goose.

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