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Olive Oropéndola

I his large, tropical member of the New World blackbird family lives in closed rain forest, at the edges of the forest, and in scattered clearings. It lives in noisy colonies in the high tree canopy, where it remains almost all the time, feeding on a variety of fruits. These it plucks with its large, spiky bill swallowing them whole. On occasions, it will also take insects. Birds in a colony utter frequent, loud calls, and males perform display flights round the trees uttering a loud, liquid, gurgling song. Their wings beat audibly during these displays as well as other flights. The Olive Oropéndolas flight is always heavy and clumsy in appearance

• NEST A long, stocking-shaped bag, woven from grasses and other plant materials, hanging from the tip of a branch in a tall tree. Nesting colonics may occupy a single tree or several adjacent opes.

• DISTRIBUTION Amazon Basin from Colombia and the Guianas to Bolivia and W. Brazil.

• REMARK Males are on average 4 in (10 cm) longer than females in whole body length (not just tail length).

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