Species ¡aurac0 srhatomi

Length 16 in (40 cm)

slender crest is constantly raised

red primary feathers

Schalow's Turaco

Although it often moves around actively among branches and has a striking, white-tipped crest, this turaco is often inconspicuous. It is a forest-dwelling species that occurs high in the trees. Flight is strong, with frequent glides, exposing the red primary feathers that are hidden when the bird is perched. 'Phis species often runs along branches, making vigorous hops and leaps, and jumping from one branch to another. Pairs or small parties forage together, feeding on fruit, which the birds swallow whole; they later regurgitate the large seeds. When an individual calls, the repeated, resonant "krau-krau-krau" note is often taken up by others. 'Phis may help maintain social contact between birds that are hidden in the foliage.

• NliST A platform of sticks, in a bush or tree.

• distribution Forest zone ill Angola, parts of E. Africa, and south as far as N. Zimbabwe.

Pattern slender crest is constantly raised red primary feathers versed outer toe

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