Family pARl,UDAE

Species Qeothlypis trichas

Length s in ( 13 cm)

i black face mask pale border

Common Yellowthroat

I ypically a bird of reeds and tall grasses, the Yellowthroat often moves with its tail tilted upwards, like that of a wren. It also inhabits thickets, shrubs, and marsh vegetation. The diet consists of small insects.

• NliST A cup-shaped nest of grass and bark fragments, lined with finer material, and placed on or near the ground.

• Distribution breeds in S. Canada, much of USA, and Mexico. Winters in S. USA, Central America, Colombia, and Venezuela.

i black face mask pale border


Family pAR„ul)AK

Species W'Hsorjia citnnti

Plumage Sexes differ

Habitat fff

Migration Mif,ran[

Hooded Warbler

A bird of swampy woodland and scrub, the Hooded Warbler usually stays hidden in low vegetation. It has a habit of (licking open its tail feathers as it searches for insects. • NliST A grass and leaf cup, lined with finer grass, and hidden in thick vegetation on the ground.

• Distribution

Breeds in K. USA. Winters in Central America, N. Colombia, distribution and N. Venezuela. Female white "spectacles"

white throat edge

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