Family Apodidak

Family Apodidak

long, tapering wings for sustained flight long, slender tail is foi l ed when mil spread out

Common Swift

Often seen circling in fast flight around its breeding colonies, this species never comes down to rest except when nesting. Among the most permanently airborne of birds, it even mates and sleeps on the wing. The natural nest site is a hole among rocks or in a cliff, but the species has also taken to nesting in the roof space of houses or in holes in walls. To feed, the swift flies along with its small bill open, revealing a very wide, gaping mouth in which insects are caught in the air. Prey caught for the young is stored in a pouch below the tongue. The Common Swift even drinks in flight, skimming low over lakes and rivers to scoop up water in its bill.

• NliST A shallow cup nest of plant debris, and feathers caught drifting in the air, stuck together with saliva, and placed on a ledge or in a hole.

• DlSTRIBl 1TION Much of Europe east to North India. Mongolia and China. Winters in tropical and southern Africa.

long, tapering wings for sustained flight long, slender

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