Species Co/ibri coruscans


Species Co/ibri coruscans

Sparkling Violet-ear

Occurring in open places with trees, this active bird protects a territory around flowering plants and trees, chasing away competitors with a rapid, buzzing attack. It takes nectar from flowers and catches tiny insects in the air. Sitting on a f~% high, bare twig, it repeats a quick "tsip" note.

The display flight is a steep climb glossy green and a swoop back to the perch. plumage

• NEST a small, open cup nest of down and moss, bound with spidcrw ebs and fixed to a horizontal twig, not far above the ground. DISTRIBUTION ^_ • DISTRIBUTION From Venezuela to Argentina.

Plumage Scxcs üMkc

Pinturas Passaros Emtelas

i horizontal wingbeat of hovering bird


Species Stephanoxis lalandi

Plumage Scxcs (|jffer

Migration Non-migrant

Black-breasted Plovercrest

The male of this species has a long, wispy crest that is barely apparent at a distance. This is an undergrowth-dwelling bird, feeding on nectar and insects. Males display in groups of scattered individuals, each singing from his own perch in a bush.

• NliST A tiny cup nest made of plant fibers and spiderwebs, attached to a horizontal twig close to the ground. FEMALE

oisTRim rnoN

i horizontal wingbeat of hovering bird

Family TrocHILIDAE

Species Disfosuro tongicauda

decorative feather disks long, bare shafts of outer tail feathers


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