Family pAR,DAE

Species parus aler

white cheek tint! nape

North African Form

Coal Tit

I' oiinil in all types of woodland in its range, this insect-eating bird feeds in the treetops, but often comes to ground level to nest.

• NEST A cup nest made of moss, in a hole in a tree, stump, or bank.

• Distribution

Most of Kurope with parts ofN.W. Africa. Middle Kast, Siberia, DISTRIBUTION C. and E. Asia.

white cheek tint! nape el ikopban


Plumage Scxcs a|ikc m tí

Migration Non-migrant

Family pARIDAE

Species parus cristatus

»spiky crest patterned face short legs with strong, grasping feet

Crested Tit identified by its spiky crest and soft, trilling song, the Crested l it is almost wholly a bird of coniferous woodland. For most of the year it feeds in pine foliage, often high in the crowns of trees, where it is difficult to sec. It feeds on insects, seeds, and berries.

• NliST A cup nest in a hole in a rotten tree, which the bird excavatcs itself.

• DISTRIBUTION From Spain through most of Europe to C. Asia.

»spiky crest patterned face


short legs with strong, grasping feet

Plumage Sexes a)ikc tí

Migration \on.migrant

Family pARI„AK

Species Parus niait major

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