1 he tapering bill and bare face of this heavv-bodied crow are adapted to its feeding technique of probing deep into the soil. It takes insect larvae and worms, carrying them back to the nest in a prominent throat pouch. In the fall, the Rook tends to turn to nuts and seeds, including grain, and it benefits from mixed farming methods in which fields of grain are grown alongside grassy meadows and pastures. I .ike most other crows it will take a wide range of alternative foods, including kitchen scraps and carrion. It is highly sociable, feeding and roosting in large flocks and nesting in conspicuous, noisy colonies

• NKST An untidy structure of sticks, lined with finer material, in the top of a tall tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Much of Europe, the Middle East, C. and E. Asia. .Siberian populations winter as far south asS. Iran,

Introduced in ^^ New Zealand. JT


Plumage Scxes a|jkc

Migration [lartja| migrant


Species Corvus braehyrhynchos

Length 171i in ,45 cm)

light buiUI

glossy plumage

American Grow

I his glossy black bird with its rounded tail and steady, flapping flight is a familiar sight in open country throughout North America. In farming areas its habit of feeding in flocks on corn and pea crops has earned the American Crow a bad reputation. The diet also includes nuts and fruit, insects, and small animals such as young birds and mice, and sometimes carrion. During the breeding season, the birds nest either in separate pairs, or sometimes in small colonics. At other times of the year, thev congregate in large communal roosts for the night, dispersing during the day to search for food. The usual call is a harsh "caw," but as in other birds there arc other call notes, each one used to convey a particular meaning. • NEST a large, cup-shaped nest of sticks, with a soft lining of finer plant material, in a tree or a bush, or on top of a telephone pole.

• Distribution

DlSTRlRi TION Much of North America.

light buiUI

glossy plumage


Species Corvus eorone

Plumage Scxcs ahkc fîi Migration |>ar[|a| migran[

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