Great Blue Turago

broad, upright crest is permanently raised

A large curaco with blue upperparts, a red and yellow underside, and a broad crest, this species lives in tropical rain forest. Mere it feeds mostly on forest fruits. In the trees, the bird is agile and active, hopping and running along branches. Its flight consists of little more than downward glides and swoops, and it usually gains height by leaping between branches. Habitats include lowland forest edges, river valley forest, mountain forest, and isolated woodland in savanna (tropical grassland). This shy bird is not easily seen among foliage, but small groups often gather and can be detected by their habit of calling in chorus, sometimes for several minutes. The chorus begins with plaintive cries, followed by a series of short "kok-kok" notes, and dies down with deeper, vibrating calls.

• NliST A thin platform of dry twigs with a shallow central hollow, lined with finer twigs, and placed high in a tree. ^ •DISTRIBUTION Tropical forest in YV. and C. Africa.

• REMARK This is the largest species of turaco.

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