I Jsually sccrctive, this specics becomes more tame and inquisitive under winter conditions. Inhabiting mixed and coniferous forests, it feeds on insects and spiders. The voice is thin and high pitched

• NEST a hammocklike nest of moss and grass, under a conifer bough.

• Distribution Europe, parts of N. Africa, and C. Asia to Japan. Northern populations winter in the south of this range, ofe—


Sexes differ

Migration ££ partial migrant


Species Regu/us satrapa

Family Syi.VIIOAK

Species Regu/us satrapa

Golden-crowned Kinglet

This tiny bird is difficult to observe, as it tends to stay high in coniferous trees, often the only clue being its almost inaudible, high pitched song. In the fall, northern populations migrate south, and the birds arc more easily seen, hunting insccts in lower cover.

• NliST A deep, feather-lined cup nest of moss and grass, slung below a branch, usually in a conifer.

• Distribution Parts of

Canada, much of USA, parts of Mexico and Guatemala. Some distribution migration within this range.

vivid, white stripe above the eye


Species Rfguh,s calendula

Family SylvhdaE

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