Gi iestnutcrowned Babbler

I his is a slim bird with a long rail and a slender, downcurved bill, living in open scrub, scmidesert, and the scrubby woodland formed by mulga trees. It moves about in small flocks, feeding on insects, which

(lull brown tup with u white border •

the birds take either from low vegetation or from the ground. Flocks are shy of humans. The birds are lively and active. They keep up a constant chattering, louder when they are excited, of the type that gives babblers their name.

• nest a large, domed nest with a side entrance, composed of twigs, lined with grass or wool, and situated in a tree.

• Distribution interior of s.k. Australia.

nisritim thin short, rounded wing

» white wing burs stout, way

Plumage Scxes a,ikc

Habitat jJ- „, „.

Migration Non-migrant

Family TlMALIlDAF.

Species Stachyris maculata

Length 6;/. jn (16 5 cm)

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