Black-and-white Warbler

I his forest anil woodland specics feeds like a treeereeper (see p. 324), moving up trunks and branches, taking insects from crevices or from bark surfaces. • NEST A grass cup nest in a hollow on the ground, often next to a tree.

S.E. Canada, and USA cast of the

Rockies. Winters in Central and

- South America as far as Peru.

distribution btu long, tapering wings

Plumage Sexes differ

Habita' m

Migration Mi>,raru

Species Deudroica petechia

Yellow Warbler

This species lives in trees and shrubs, often beside marshes or water. It feeds on insects, which it gleans from the foliage.

• nest a compact cup nest, in a shrub, often close to water.

• Distribution

Canada, USA, Central and South America. Some northern populations migrate-southward. Female

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