Eurasian Sparrowhawk

Living in woodland and scrub, this is a small species of hawk that specializes in catching birds (often passerines) in flight. Usually flying at a low height, it maneuvers at high speed among trees and bushes, taking its victims off their guard and seizing them after a short, fast chase.

• NliST a loose structure of twigs with a central hollow, lined with finer twigs, placed in a tree.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in much of Eurasia and N. Africa. Northern populations winter as far south as N. Africa, N. India, and S. China.

• REMARK Females larger than males.

Mai female has a pale spot on the nape

Plumage Scxes di(Tc|.

Migration part¡a) m¡grant


Species Accipiter striatus

long, grasping

large, keen eyes

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