Eurasian Nightjar

Rarely seen except when startled from its daytime resting place, this well camouflaged bird is best known for the prolonged, churring note, on a rising or falling trend, that the breeding male utters at night. This sound is difficult to locate. The bird rests by day, on the ground or lying along a branch. By night it silently chases insects in quick, erratic flight. The species favors open sites close to trees where the ground is covered with leaves and twigs

• NKST A piece of open ground, usually close to trees or bushes.

• Distribution Eurasia and

N. Africa, east to China. Winters as far as South Africa.

Plumage Sexes difTcr

Species Macrodipteryx longipennis



Family QU>rimULCIDAE

Species Macrodipteryx longipennis

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