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round, heavy head

Parasitic Weaver

A grassland bird with a short tail and stubby bill, this species is usually found near water. It feeds almost exclusively on seeds. During the breeding season, it is seen singly or in pairs, or more rarely in small groups; males perform a "swizzling" song when displaying. Outside the breeding season, larger flocks gather together. In flight, flocks utter warbling contact notes.

• NKST I bis bird builds no nest of its own but lays eggs in nests of some Cisticoh and I'rinia warblers, which foster the youn

• DISTRIBUTION Scattered areas throughout Africa south of the Sahara.

• REMARK Also popularly known as the Cuckoo-Finch. Its inconspicuous coloration may help it visit the nests of host birds without being detected.

round, heavy head streaked back

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