Distriki Tion

Eastern Screecii-Owl

I his small woodland owl roosts in tree cavities or thick foliage and hums prey including insects, birds, and squirrels. Its calls are a descending series of quavering whistles, or the wailing sounds to which the name refers, or a long, sharp trill.

• NEST An unlined cavity in a tree.

• Distribution FromS. Canada through E., C., and S. USA to N.E. Mexico.

• REMARKS This species has two distinct color phases (see[>. 13): rufous and gray. This is one of the many owls that possess earlike tufts, which can be raised or lowered; they express a bird's mood, e.g. whether t>_~«j excited or at rest. BaSk lowered ear tufts c

Plumage Scxcs a|;kc

Habitat f,t Jfi

Migration Non-migrant

Family SlRIOIl

Species p„!satrjxptrspicillatu

feet have two toes forward, two toes hark

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