Species Euphonia cyanocephala

Length 4in(1()cm)

distribution short tail blue crown deep golden rump

Golden-rumped Euphonia

This tanager lives high in trees at the forest edge, and in scattered trees in clearings. It feeds on berries.

• NliST A domed moss nest with a side entrance, in a tree fork or clump of moss.

• Distribution Andes from jongwing

Venezuela to NAV. Argentina; Guyana Highlands; S.E. Brazil, K. Paraguay, and N.E. Argentina.


Plumage g differ

Migration Non.m¡Rrant


Species Chlorophoma cyanea

Length 414 jn (11 cm)

Blaje-naped Chlorophonia

A small, stubby-billed tanager that is encountered in pairs and small groups, this species stays in the upper levels of trees, where it is sluggish and easily overlooked. It feeds mainly on mistletoe berries, also taking other fruits and insects.

• NliST A domed nest with a side entrance made of moss, placed in a vertical bank or in a crevice in an overhanging cliff.

• Distribution Scattered areas from Venezuela to N. Argentina.

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