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Common Redshank

Standing erect on its long legs, with head held high, this alert shorehird quickly notices any intruder in its surroundings. It utters piping alarm calls, which often alert all the other birds in the area. Apart from its red legs and bill, it is inconspicuous on the ground with its brown plumage. In flight, the white rump and hind edges of the wings help identify the species. In spring it lives in meadows, wet grasslands, and marshes. Here it raises its young, feeding on insects and other invertebrates, which it takes from vegetation, the ground surface, or from the marsh. It feeds with a nervous, jerky manner. In winter the Common Redshank is found on estuaries and mudflats, where it feeds on tiny shellfish, crustaceans, and other small creatures. These it either picks from the mud surface or finds by probing with its long, pointed hill.

• NEST A hollow scraped with the feet and shaped by body pressure, lined, and hidden in tall grass and plants.

• DISTRIBUTION Breeds in Iceland and across Eurasia from the British Isles to K. Asia. Winters on coastlines of much of Eurasia, Africa, India, and S.E. Asia.

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Plumage Sexes alike

Migration MiKran, slender bill

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