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Species Sphrrothrres viridis


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Migration N„n.mjRrunI


Green Figbird

A strong, slender oriole with a powerful bill, the Green I'igbird has a distinctive patch of bare skin around the eye. In the female, this patch is dark purplish gray and easily overlooked, but in the male it is a pale pinkish red and flushes a deeper, brighter red in moments of agitation or excitement. The bird is usually seen at the forest edge or in clearings. Here it searches for wild fruits with a dipping flight on long, slender wings, in which the white outer edges of its tail are revealed. It also occurs among the scattered trees of towns and suburbs, where it feeds on cultivated fruit such as bananas and pawpaws. Adults normally forage singly or in pairs, but immature birds tend to form noisy flocks that squabble among themselves in harsh, high pitched notes.

• NliST A shallow cup nest made of vine tendrils, reinforced with thin twigs, and suspended in a horizontal twig fork high in a tree.

• DISTRIBUTION E. Indonesia (islands of Roti and 'Timor), S.E. New Guinea, and N. and K. Australia.

bare stin u round ryr


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